Clan Ross America

History in USA

A History of our Clan Ross organizations in the USA
 Chief David Ross of Ross & Balnagowan
And His Roll in Founding Clan Ross America
As early as the 1960's, families with Ross ancestry sought to participate in Highlland festivals in many corners of the United States. The effort climaxed with the invitation for the Clan Ross Chief, David Ross of Ross & Balnagowan to attend the 1976 Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina. Attached here are the recolections of Chief David with highlights of the activities that brought about the founding of our Clan Ross organization in America.
Clan Ross Asssociation of the United States was founded in 1976. The Annual General Meetings were always held at the Grandfather Mountain games until 2001. Names from that era include: Bob & Betty Ross, Hardin & Tabitha Ross, Matt & Nancy Ross, Gloria & Sandy Ross, Marilyn & Howard Ross. During the 79's and 80's, membership grew to 500.  Other names from that era include: Paul & Jane Peak, Ruth Odisio, Barbara Ross Martin.
Along the way, supporting Scottish causes became a goal.  People in the Association wanted to support historic, Ross-associated places in Scotland, reprint significant Ross books, fund scholarships, etc.  This could best be done by a 501c3 - a fully tax-exempt organization. So a complementary organization, Clan Ross Foundation, was established.  Contributions from members allowed the start of wonderful projects, in Scotland & the US: 
  • support and establishment of a Ross Centre in Tain at the Tain Museum
  • support of Tarbat Discovery Center 
  • and Croick Church, Fearn Abbey, and Nigg Old Church. 
  • assist purchase of historically significant Ross silver (which is now in the Tain Museum)
  • production of Ross tartan in cotton, 
  • contribution toward the Trail of Tears/ John Ross marker in St. Louis.  
  • reprinting 3 important out of print books on Ross – the Earls of Ross, The Great Clan Ross, & The Clan Ross.  
By 2010 there was a desire to have all the activities of Clan Ross under one roof – the social and the philanthropic combined, and with a fully tax exempt status.  Lots of discussion, and a few years, brought the Association and Foundation together - and on Oct 10, 2013, Clan Ross America was born as a 501c3.
Welcome to Clan Ross America.
Dedicated to “support the contributions of Clan Ross to the United States and the world, past, present & future”
Clan Ross America does lots of things :
  • Games tent outreach
  • Support Grants for historical sites Ross-shire, Scotland
  • Support scholarships for Ross/Sept athletes, dancers and musicians in America
  • Publish an educational quarterly newsletter
  • Assist members to explore their family history
  • Honor our Clan Chief
  • Recognize the accomplishments of fellow Clan members who were scientists, astronauts, soldiers and politicians 
  • and…. ?? with your participation we will grow the organization to share our Highland heritage - it’s in your hands...
You are invited to join and celebrate with us………….